Tights with a slit between the legs: always a dichotomy to me. There is something dark and mysterious about that slit, a secret that only you know about, until you move just so, part your legs, and are suddenly exposed, offered up for the taking: flaunting, vulgar, and yet hidden.

And so enticing. I want to touch myself there, slide my fingers along those exposed lips and find the edge of the lace. I fantasize about being made to wear a pair to work and touching myself at my desk all day. About walking down the halls knowing I have that secret beneath my prim and proper skirt. I want to have a girlfriend that I can ask to wear them so I can put my mouth down there, suckle and lap at her, run my tongue along the edges of the tights, feel the material’s edges sharp against my tongue before I find the the softness of her lips again.



Sinful Sunday is all about the image. Kiss the lips below and find other Sunday Sinners.


  1. Bee

    I can definitely identify with that! I rarely wear tights as I’m a stocking girl at heart but there is something very sexy about ripped tights!


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