Sunday Juxtaposition


After reading Hy’s post about being alone on a Sunday – and relating to being alone this day – I thought I’d post my own Sinful Sunday image – though quite a different image it is. But, as these things go, and as is often the case in my life, time got away from me and I ended up with the picture but not the time to do the blog post before Sunday ended.

Eh, what the heck, I post so seldom these days, I shouldn’t let it go to waste, right?

The image amuses and pleases me on a number of levels, though it came at the end of a day of conflicting emotions. I managed my emotions, though, using all the “tools in my toolbox”: getting out of my head and into my body (a grueling twelve-mile bike ride); doing something for someone else (taking the Felix-pup for a much-appreciated walk); focusing on what needed doing (homework); took a lazy mid-morning nap.

I also did something nice for myself: painted my toenails, something I haven’t done in forever.

W loved sexy red toes peeping out from strappy high heels. With my foot surgery and then my back injury, my toes have been a little out of my reach, both physically and emotionally. The numbness and nerve issues in my right foot and leg have kept me from getting a pedicure all summer too, although, this being my summer of frugality, that wasn’t so bad. But while I was studying this afternoon, in a quiet moment in the Treehouse (quiet in the house and, thankfully, in my head) I looked down and saw 1) my naked toes and 2) my textbook propped up on the stack of erotica anthologies, several of which have my own stories in them. I decided that kind of brainy sexiness needed sexy toes, and voila! Fire engine red toes to take me into my busy week. They couldn’t take away all the disappointment and loneliness of a Sunday by myself, but they made me happy-in-the-moment, and sometimes in-the-moment has to do, right?

I’m sorry I missed Sinful Sunday, but if you’re looking for more sexy images, click the link above and check out everyone else’s submissions, you won’t be disappointed.



  1. Modesty Ablaze

    Well they are beautiful toes . . . and I find painting one’s nails so relaxing sometimes . . . and makes me feel good as well.
    As does looking at your nails resting pertly on your books . . . relaxing AND sexy!!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Jade Post author

      It’s funny, but painting my toenails – I didn’t realize what an impact it has on how I feel about myself. Every time I looked down and saw them unpainted all I could think about was how I couldn’t paint them, about how much my body had changed and (I felt) kind of betrayed me. I can do it now, though still with effort, but it feels like a symbol of my healing to see them poking out, sexy and red or pink or purple. :-)

  2. Bobthelawyer

    Stop being alone. Joy and eroticism are usually a moment in time. I’m our relationship it’s evolved. We love learning…I’m more of a switch and sub than she is.


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