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A Birthday Weekend in the Smokies

(Ed. note: This was started the weekend of my birthday weekend, when we went to Gatlinburg. As usual, life has intervened in me getting this posted in a timely fashion, but, well, better late than never?) It’s 1 a.m. here, and I’m sitting at my little round table-for-two in front of the patio window, the door open so I can hear the breeze soughing through the trees, sipping on a rumchata and vodka. I just walked in about a half hour ago from a perfectly lovely weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with Adam and a group of friends at a cabin (they included V and his wife, E.) It’s so peaceful here. I thought all the way home that I’d be sad and lonely, when we finally got home and Adam went over to the Big Condo and V was home with his wife. But instead as soon as I walkedRead more …


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“Kneel. Spread your legs. Now touch yourself. … What do you want? Say the words.” No… “Say them. Tell me what you want.” Please… “Please what? Say it–” No…please… “Please… Please, Daddy, may I come?”  

Morning Drive

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(This morning.) Him: Are you in traffic? Me: (wondering why he wants a traffic report) A little bit, but mostly it’s moving along well… Him: Good. Hike your skirt up over your thighs. Me: Um. Okay… Him: Now put your fingers in your pussy and keep them there until you arrive at work or I tell you otherwise. Me: (realization dawning) Umph. (Some time later.) Me: Um. There’s a bus next to me. The driver can look down and see that my skirt is hiked up! Him: Are you at a stoplight? Me: Yes. I’m holding my arm across my lap so she can’t see what I’m doing! But I can’t take my hand away from my pussy because she’ll see me move it and know what I’m doing! Him: Good. I haven’t told you to stop – so you shouldn’t be moving your hand anyway. Keep it up, kitty.Read more …

Sunday Juxtaposition

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After reading Hy’s post about being alone on a Sunday – and relating to being alone this day – I thought I’d post my own Sinful Sunday image – though quite a different image it is. But, as these things go, and as is often the case in my life, time got away from me and I ended up with the picture but not the time to do the blog post before Sunday ended. Eh, what the heck, I post so seldom these days, I shouldn’t let it go to waste, right? The image amuses and pleases me on a number of levels, though it came at the end of a day of conflicting emotions. I managed my emotions, though, using all the “tools in my toolbox”: getting out of my head and into my body (a grueling twelve-mile bike ride); doing something for someone else (taking the Felix-pup for aRead more …

Morning Punishment

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Is there anything better than, first thing in the morning before you’ve even properly awoken, being dragged down to the basement by your hair to have your punishment meted out with paddle and strap? “What did you do wrong? What did you forget yesterday? Tell me why you are being punished.” All while the paddle meets your soft, sleepy flesh, and your mind struggles to cohere itself, and really the most you can get your mind to think (at 5:45 a.m.) should be “Coffee? Where is coffee?” instead of “I forgot to bring the EAK (Emergency Anal Kit, an item that is always supposed to be with you) to work…” Because really, you couldn’t even remember what the EAK was five minutes before. Mmm, nope, it doesn’t get much better than that. Well, okay, maybe it does.  There’s the journey back up the stairs, with his hand rubbing and pinchingRead more …