Scavenger Hunting on the Riverfront

This Scavenger Hunt goes back to the before time, when W was alive. As often as we planned our weekend rambles, we also took unplanned forays into the wilds of St.Louis, exploring different neighborhoods and places just because we happened upon them. This was during one of those walkabouts, when, quite by accident, I saw a path that led down to the riverside. W was enamored of the barges and the river, and would often regale me with stories of St. Louis’s glory days as a river town while we sat on a bench in one of the derelict parks that line the river; of course we had to explore it close up. That’s how we ended up here.

It’s also where I found this:

A storm drain spewing water from the recent rains into the mighty Mississippi River. Do you think I could resist scoring a Scavenger Hunt, even though there was a man walking his dog fifty yards up river from us?

Of course not!

But that wasn’t the only Scavenger Hunt location I got. I mean, of course not. Because…there were pipes to play on and in!

That’s Stormdrain/Outflow and Pipe for me. :-)

Thank you for taking a short sojourn down memory lane with me on this weekend when I am traveling to Ohio for a family reunion. Twelve hours in a car with my elderly parents – I needed this distraction!


  1. Curvaceous Dee

    Those are simply gorgeous photos, Jade – what great locations you found! Your smile is utterly lovely as well :)

    xx Dee


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