A Different Body

I’ve had these pictures for awhile now but haven’t found the time to post them.  These were taken during one of our twice-yearly kink events here in the Lou, so they weren’t taken specifically for this month’s Sinful Sunday prompt, “taken from below,” but they do kind of fit it, don’t you think? I mean, you couldn’t get the full effect of the staples if you’re weren’t shooting from below…

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What a weekend that was. I had spent Friday night in the hospital after an ER visit prompted by a herniated disc in my back. That Saturday morning, I had been released (with quite a bit of disgruntlement from the hospital staff and the neurosurgeon who would end up performing surgery on me) to get my labia rings removed, so they could perform an MRI to see the extent of the injury. But that night, with all my friends at the event, I talked Adam into taking me to the party, herniated disc and all (at the time I was in excruciating pain, but was still clueless as to the amount of damage that had been done to my body. “It’s just my chronic backache acting up!” I said. Famous last words.)


I even went on to get this cutting from V’s wife that night, as well as the above “improvement” to my nether region, which had been left conveniently bare of rings, thus allowing my tender labia to be stapled shut.

And the rest, of course, I’ve been chronicling ever since, as I have struggled to heal – and to give myself time to heal – from the surgery that has  (hopefully) repaired the damage; and to find a way to come to terms with this new, broken-but-somewhat-fixed body.

Here’s one way…biking instead of running. It’s an imperfect solution…but…it’s a start.






  1. Molly

    I am a fan of staples but in my labia is a hard limit for me. Just something about the thought if it makes my insides crinkle up.

    I have been suffering with back ache of late. Nothing like yours, just a pulled muscle but as a result I have not been running… maybe I should get my bike too


  2. sub-Bee

    I’ve been threatened with this on more than one occasion and if I’m honest as much as I don’t think I could cope with it right now, it is a goal of mine!

    He’s also just made some evil appreciative noises whilst looking over my shoulder at your post so who knows it maybe sooner rather than later….eek!

  3. Elliott

    Holy Cow, Jade!!! I hope you can stay fixed for good and are not on too much pain.

    Interesting tat, would love to see the butterfly better. Feel better.


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