A Coddiwomple Sunday

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Adam and I have re-established what used to be a staple of our free time, when W was alive: the Weekend Ramble. It starts with an idea, a curiosity, an inspiration, and goes from there. I can’t adequately express how much I enjoyed those days with my Guys, and how deeply I have missed them. I am a true Scavenger Hunter at heart, whether that means creating the Calendar Game, bringing the Alphabet Challenge, Rope on the Run and Boobies & Bondage concepts from Fetlife to my blog, playing along with the 12 Days of Christmas, trying every local pizza joint, or junk shopping and yard and estate sale-ing for that perfect side table to refurbish.

And, of course, participating in the Scavenger Hunt here. But more than that, it was an opportunity to simply let the day flow around us; to allow serendipity to be our guide; to share in experiencing and discovering new places and things; to rediscover old haunts; and to enjoy each other’s company in a no-schedule, no-pressure-to-do-anything way. If there is bit of discontent that trumps the others in this new relationship, it is that I can’t share/experience that with Viper – or more accurately that he can’t share it with me.

But I’m not blogging about discontent today. Once V said, “Stop dwelling on what you don’t have, and look to what you do.” And he was right (at least as long as what one does have outweighs what one doesn’t. I believe in this case it does.) Anyway, while I was noodling on this blog post, what should happen but the word “coddiwomple,” with its definition, showed up in a Facebook post. I instantly fell in love with it. What we do is kind of upside down of the description above: we have a destination or goal in mind, it’s the trip there that is a little vague…subject to distractions…to “oh! let’s go see that!” moments…and to lovely, unexpected digressions. I may have to rename our “Weekend Rambles” to Coddiwomples. :-)

A few Sundays ago was just that sort of day.

I can’t recall now what our initial destination was. I know it started with lunch on the patio of one of my favorite restaurants, sipping margaritas and reminiscing about other times we’d eaten there. It was the location of W’s and my first date, actually, and is my go-to for the best chicken mole in St. Louis. A lot of good times have been had, or started, here.

Anyway, somehow we end up in one of the quaint little suburban neighborhoods around St. Louis, killing time (maybe in search of a birthday gift for V’s wife?) and as we’re driving around, I spy it: one of the Scavenger Hunts I had always wanted to get with W, but never managed to: bicycle rack.

I’ve always loved the bicycle racks here in the Lou. Some feature the Arch or the St. Louis Cardinals, many have the fleur-de-lis…


…but my favorites are the bicycle-shaped ones. Call me old fashioned.


VERY old-fashioned, right?

VERY old-fashioned, right?

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One more note to this story…those funny indentions on skin? They happened over and hour before at the restaurant, from the outdoor seating. I couldn’t beleive they last ted that long. In fact I’d been so enamored of them, I asked Adam to snap a shot in the parking lot before we left…


W may be gone, but apparently he trained me well and has left another picture whore to clutter up the internet.

Because ya know, “Pics or it didn’t happen!”




  1. Elliott

    Well, I learned a new word! Thank you for your ‘Bicycle Rack Report” Love the slide show, and that last photo looks like your bum could be in Star Trek.

  2. Curvaceous Dee

    Coddiwomple is a great word! And you have a great arse :) (I’m sure you knew both of these things!)


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