What a change a year makes…

It’s been a long, eventful year. I said goodbye to W.

I said hello to a new blog, a new home, a new lover, and, in many ways, a new me.





Sinful Sunday is all about the image…go check out all the other sexy Sunday Sinners by kissing the lips below!



  1. Molly

    You have definitely been on a big roller coaster ride over the last year or so. I am glad that you are finally finding your way to new beginnings.


    1. Jade Post author

      I am glad too, Molly, thou sometimes all the change feels like it might break me apart… Hopefully (?) I can be put back together – or put myself back together – if it does…

    1. Jade Post author

      I got mine off ebay…I can’t recall the store though! The search was “buttplug cat tail”…lol…

  2. sub-Bee

    It has been a hell of a year for you. I’m so glad you’ve managed to pick up the pieces of who you once were and started putting them back together again into a new you.

    I love the kitty outfit, so fun and so sexy!

  3. Exposing40

    One of the first things I read when I set up my blog last year and joined Twitter was the information about the crowdfunding campaign that was being run for you and the subsequent updates. It really affected me even though I didn’t even know you. I can’t imagine what the last year must mean but I was happy to see your new blog and loved the daffodil post. These photos are really amazing – you make a very hot sexy cat but I love the expression of calm and reflection on the main shot. Xxx

  4. Velvet Rose

    What a year you’ve had but you know what you are still here and we love you and the strength of character that you have shown throughout everything.

    These images are absolutely gorgeous and being the “feline” suits you well you sexy cat you ?

    Velvet x


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