#MasturbationMonday – Train

This is my first time submitting to Kayla Lords’ meme Masturbation Monday. I may be too late to post the link to her page today, but even if I can’t, do take go over and take a look at all the masturbatory smutty goodness she has going on over there. It is National Masturbation Month, after all.

Since Viper and I spend the majority of our nights apart, we do a lot of prompted masturbation. Since he is my Dominant, a lot of times those prompts are him simply telling me what to do and how to do it, which is hot in its own right. There are also times he requires me to do some reading and then get off to it (or not, depending on his mood), recently we began playing a new remotely-played game that involves a lot of edging and masturbation, and other times we tell each other stories and fantasies.

Yesterday when I was thinking about writing for Masturbation Monday, I suggested that I might write a piece of masturbation flash fiction. V immediately asked if I was open to a prompt from him. He has given me other fiction writing prompts, and I always enjoyed writing them, so I said of course.

Then today we played “The Game,” as we call it (clever, right?), all day while he worked…and I swear, I thought I was going to die of want and lust and desire and All. The. Things. I have got to write about this crazy/fun thing we are doing, I thought. Today, right now! But…but first…I have a writing prompt to complete, and a different sexy story to tell. I have a feeling, though, that that sexy story will come out in the month ahead as well. As well as a few others.

So, without further ado…


Alexa scrunched down farther in the seat, headphones firmly in place, book bag in her lap and a book in her hand, eyes down: invisible. Invisibility was key to a safe train ride at one in the morning. The commuter trains were usually safer than the subways, but you never knew. It didn’t matter that the headphones weren’t on, in fact that was key too: she was invisible but not unaware of her surroundings. It was that awareness that had made her scrunch down in the seat in the first place. The unmistakable sounds of a couple having sex had reached her ears.

She had noticed the man in the seat halfway up the subway car when she’d gotten on, of course. What she hadn’t realized was that what she’d thought was a pile of blankets and/or winter clothing next to him, was, in fact, another human being.

She peeked out over the top of the seat in front of her. Indeed, it was a human being with long blonde hair, probably a woman, and its head was bobbing up and down furiously in the man’s lap.

Alexa ducked back down, her face heating almost painfully.

She had no idea what to do. Did they know she was there? Should she hop up and get off at the next stop? She glanced at the railway map. She still had miles to go to get home, and she wasn’t sure of the timing of the next train; if she could make her connection.

A muffled moan floated to her ears. A rustle of clothing. The distinct wet sound of a mouth sliding down a cock.

She knew that sound, had heard her own mouth make it many times before. She imagined Phillip for a moment, in that seat in front of her, and herself curled up small, curled around him, her face between his hard thighs, her mouth sliding up and down the thickness of his beautiful cock.

Longing swept over her, bittersweet. She was happy for him, really she was, but she missed him and sometimes, at moments like these, unfiltered moments when she didn’t have time to stop the thought, she wished he hadn’t been offered the job that had taken him from her. No matter how happy it made him.

A sigh then. The rhythmic sway of the train, rocking Alexa back and forth as it must be rocking the couple. Adding rhythm to their lovemaking even as the sway rocked Alexa’s thighs together, back and forth, squeezing and releasing…

No, that was her squeezing and releasing. Tensing, feeling heat rise between her legs now, when before it had been in her face. She imagined the unknown woman, looking up at her lover as his cock pushed into her throat.

She found her hand sliding beneath her bookbag, sliding down to the V between her thighs, cupping her mound through her leggings before she’d even thought it through. She felt the heat there, the moisture seeping through the crotch, and had to suppress her own moan. It had been so long.

Too long.

She glanced surreptitiously over the seat once again. Now she could see the man’s hands cupped around the woman’s head. His head was slightly back, his face tense in profile. Alexa calculated the time until the next stop. They were longer in between stops this far out, but if they – and she – were going to finish in time, she had to hurry.

She leaned back slightly, slitted her eyes so that all she could see was a blurred image of the man’s head, and slipped her hand down inside her leggings. She kept the backpack over her thighs as she spread them to allow herself access. She gasped as her fingers slid through the wetness she found there. She began pressing down on her clitoris, slowly, rhythmically, letting the train’s sway time her own. She slid a finger down between her slick pussy lips, thinking, “fuck my cock” as she did so, imagining herself in the man’s role even as she pushed a finger, and then two, inside herself. She watched them, heard them, imagined she smelled them, and she became a part of them, her cunt opening like a greedy mouth, her fingers a cock being suckled by that mouth as she rubbed her clit harder and harder and the woman’s head bobbed up and down faster. The clacking of the train was a roaring in her ears but she heard it the moment it happened, the man’s grunt, the woman’s choked gasp; her own orgasm exploded around her fingers and her cunt throbbed, still like a mouth, pulling, sucking her orgasm from her.

Alexa hunched over, gasping, as the train began to slow and finally pulled to a halt. She glanced up, her fingers still buried inside her. As she pulled them out, praying no one would board the train, she saw the woman at last. She sat up and turned her head to look back at Alexa, then very deliberately, she licked her fingers and smiled. A moment later the train stopped and the couple stood up. Alexa stared as they stepped off the train, the man going one direction, the woman the other.

As the train pulled away from the station, Alexa saw the woman turn to look at her one last time, blowing Alexa a kiss before she disappeared from view.