February 12 & 13 – Fork & a Three-Way

Yep, I’ve done it again, I missed posting my daily February Photofest pics. Once again, however, I took pictures! I just didn’t post them. I’m still figuring out my blogging/writing routine. I’m figuring out my life routine…

Anyway, in a few pictures, in a few words, here are the last few Photofest pics…

February 12 – Fork



There were several images I wanted to create for this prompt. I had visions of poking soft female flesh under the table…of snapping a clandestine photo while the waiter and patrons had their heads turned during my pre-Valentine’s Day date with V…

It didn’t happen because of lack of opportunity.

I thought of looping the tines through my rings at some point during our date and snapping a pic…but we didn’t end up in a place where that was possible.

But early on – during our dinner – we snapped this picture. It’s the first one I thought of when V gave me the prompt, but I’m not even sure why it occurred to me. What was it that I found/find erotic about it, that stirs my imagination? There’s something about control and punishment and…I’m not sure.

Is there eroticism in it? What do you see?

February 13 – Three-Way


From a recent post on my Facebook page: “I’ve been struggling to find the exact word for what I’ve been feeling today. It’s like happiness, but less bouncy. It’s like contentment, but sweeter. It’s like gratitude, but more…

“I think it’s ‘well-being.’ I am filled with well-being.”

This is part of that well-being. Friendship. Love. Joy. My weekend has been filled with it.


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