Day 11 – Keyboard, a TBT

I’ve not often done the Throwback Thursday thing, and in truth mine isn’t the really cool way that Molly and Penny have done in the past, with re-shooting or re-editing (check out Re-Hunted and Reminiscent, to call out their latest TBT posts), but TBT has a different connotation for me – of course I am remembering and recalling things from Kink & Poly. Although I don’t write there any more, and have closed out that chapter of my life, it is still a huge part of my past, and I’d like to feature posts from there occasionally.

Throwback Thursday makes sense to me as a day to do that, and I’m thinking of creating a category for them. It’s a way to honor the past…without having to live in it.


Enough heavy stuff! On to…my image for this day’s prompt from V: keyboard. (See, a way to tie in the present and the past!) I had originally hoped to create a new image to go with this one, but the day got away from me, so…it’s only the past that you’ll see this time. Next time? Who knows…

hair rings

Feel free to click on the images to check out the original post…and don’t forget to check out all the other February Photofest players!




  1. Molly

    This is such a powerful sentiment “It’s a way to honor the past…without having to live in it.” The past is not the now but it is still part of who are now.



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