Day 10 – Sharpies

This post is a little late, because I was up late creating the image that is the “official” February 10th image, and also it took me awhile to find the images that I was originally going to use when V told me that “Sharpie” was my prompt for the day.

Obviously this wasn’t something I could do at work. ;-)

Quite a bit of fun was had at work though, as V used the proposed image that he wanted – and the threat to enlist a friend of mine to “assist” with the photo-making and photo-taking – to keep me anxious and overheated all day. In the end, Adam assisted me, laughing the whole time as I told him of the day’s back-and-forth between V and I. I’m happy to have him engaging in play with us. He used to love this role with W and I – “Devil’s Assistant” he calls himself – and it has brought us closer as he, too, adjusts to this new relationship and dynamic. In any case, V didn’t have to resort to his threat – apparently what I came up with pleased him – and fun was had by all.

These were the original images I thought to use when V suggested “Sharpie.” It was at a Halloween party that he and his wife and Adam and I attended together.



This is the image that my Owner thought of when he’d suggested “Sharpie.”





  1. Molly

    Oh wow I can see why you needed a bit of help with that! What a truly fabulous shot


    ps… makes me so happy to read about you enjoying yourself again


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