Day 3 – Binder Clip

From the side of the box: “Holds your documents in one secure, powerful bind.”
This may not be a document, but the advertising sure is accurate.


Today’s image was brought to you by V’s prompt “binder clip” and by the Wicked Wednesday prompt, “Advert.”

V also reminded me that the rubber band from yesterday was not the first time we had played over text at my office. This was:


And thus, today’s prompt.

It was just before our first “official” date. We’d known each other for years in the local scene, and we’d recently had a mini pick-up scene at a friend’s house, during which we had both felt a pretty strong attraction. Between that time and our first date, we were in almost nonstop communication. So when I confessed my anxiety about our looming meeting, and he suggested the above as a way to distract myself, well…it wasn’t that hard to say OK, though we weren’t even in a relationship yet.

The clip I chose was a lot smaller than today’s though!


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  1. Molly

    One of the first times we played like this was early in our online relationship and I clamped my nipples with clips like this for him. Damn those things hurt like hell



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