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Loneliness & Other Failures

Feb 22, 2016 | Posted by in 2016 February Photofest, Being Poly | 5

Loneliness is a hard nut to crack. It’s not as easy as “spend time with people” – I’ve spent a good part of my life lonely in the middle of a crowd. It’s not as easy as “spend time with your significant other” – I spent a good portion of my second marriage feeling lonely. Not even the old standby “you have to love yourself!” erases it – I don’t believe this is about loving myself or not. So what is it about? Why do I feel lonely sitting in a bar at a munch while everyone drinks and laughs and talks; or at a play party watching everyone around me engaging with each other joy and abandon? Why do I feel lonely at times as I lay next to a lover after play, physically satiated but filled with a longing I can’t place? Why did I feel lonely last nightRead more …

Fill my mouth

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If you’ve read me for any length of time, you’re probably well aware that I have something of a mouth fetish. (“Something” of a mouth fetish. Ha. Understatement much?) Fingers, tongues, cocks, gags, toys…being held, being slapped, made to gag, made to swallow, made to choke and gasp and spit…it’s all good. Better than good. It’s stupifyingly hot and is a consistent source of arousal, both in fantasy and in reality. Oddly enough, as many times as my mouth has been used and abused for pleasure, either mine or another’s, as many times as I’ve swallowed cum and spit and piss, as many times as I’ve had fingers, toys, alcohol, cocks, gags, clothes pins, rope and other things shoved in it, I’ve never never had it simply filled with semen. Until the other night. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Drinking my Owner’s cum came at the end ofRead more …

February 14 – Valentine Filth

I had planned for my (pre)Valentine’s Day date with V to be…filthy. Dirty in ways that I haven’t even begun to divulge here. Unfortunately, for various reasons – mostly to do with my (traitorous) body – none of those things happened. This Kink of the Week‘s topic is “filth.” I almost missed it, but am so glad I didn’t. Being a dirty girl is central to my kink, to many of V’s and my kink interactions. I’m his dirty kitty. He doesn’t know about his missed Valentine’s Day present. Well… He didn’t. Until now.

February 12 & 13 – Fork & a Three-Way

Yep, I’ve done it again, I missed posting my daily February Photofest pics. Once again, however, I took pictures! I just didn’t post them. I’m still figuring out my blogging/writing routine. I’m figuring out my life routine… Anyway, in a few pictures, in a few words, here are the last few Photofest pics… February 12 – Fork   There were several images I wanted to create for this prompt. I had visions of poking soft female flesh under the table…of snapping a clandestine photo while the waiter and patrons had their heads turned during my pre-Valentine’s Day date with V… It didn’t happen because of lack of opportunity. I thought of looping the tines through my rings at some point during our date and snapping a pic…but we didn’t end up in a place where that was possible. But early on – during our dinner – we snapped this picture.Read more …

Day 11 – Keyboard, a TBT

I’ve not often done the Throwback Thursday thing, and in truth mine isn’t the really cool way that Molly and Penny have done in the past, with re-shooting or re-editing (check out Re-Hunted and Reminiscent, to call out their latest TBT posts), but TBT has a different connotation for me – of course I am remembering and recalling things from Kink & Poly. Although I don’t write there any more, and have closed out that chapter of my life, it is still a huge part of my past, and I’d like to feature posts from there occasionally. Throwback Thursday makes sense to me as a day to do that, and I’m thinking of creating a category for them. It’s a way to honor the past…without having to live in it. So… Enough heavy stuff! On to…my image for this day’s prompt from V: keyboard. (See, a way to tie in theRead more …

Day 10 – Sharpies

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This post is a little late, because I was up late creating the image that is the “official” February 10th image, and also it took me awhile to find the images that I was originally going to use when V told me that “Sharpie” was my prompt for the day. Obviously this wasn’t something I could do at work. ;-) Quite a bit of fun was had at work though, as V used the proposed image that he wanted – and the threat to enlist a friend of mine to “assist” with the photo-making and photo-taking – to keep me anxious and overheated all day. In the end, Adam assisted me, laughing the whole time as I told him of the day’s back-and-forth between V and I. I’m happy to have him engaging in play with us. He used to love this role with W and I – “Devil’s Assistant”Read more …

Day 9 – Chair

Feb 10, 2016 | Posted by in 2016 February Photofest, Fictions, Wicked Wednesday | 4

What? How else would I spend my first evening at home in several days? Reading in my favorite pink socks and panties…about threesomes…of course…   Check out my story, “Full Circle”, as well as a whole heaping pile of hot, sexy, threeway fun:

Days 5, 6, 7 & 8 – Spreadeagle, Boobs, Tongue, Hand

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I’ve been away for the weekend at an event with V, (which story I’ll share a bit in the next couple days) so I haven’t been able to post my February Photofest images or Daily Kittens, but I took pictures every day and sent kittens to V every day as well, so I’ve decided to put them all here in one post. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be back on track! (I just read the title and grinned – sounds like a fun play session, doesn’t it?) Day 5: Spreadeagle/Mirror   Day 6: Boobs   Day 7: Tongue Day 8: Hand The pictures kind of tell a story all on their own, don’t they?

Day 3 – Binder Clip

From the side of the box: “Holds your documents in one secure, powerful bind.” This may not be a document, but the advertising sure is accurate. Today’s image was brought to you by V’s prompt “binder clip” and by the Wicked Wednesday prompt, “Advert.” V also reminded me that the rubber band from yesterday was not the first time we had played over text at my office. This was: And thus, today’s prompt. It was just before our first “official” date. We’d known each other for years in the local scene, and we’d recently had a mini pick-up scene at a friend’s house, during which we had both felt a pretty strong attraction. Between that time and our first date, we were in almost nonstop communication. So when I confessed my anxiety about our looming meeting, and he suggested the above as a way to distract myself, well…it wasn’t thatRead more …