A New Day

Sinful Sunday is all about the image…but, for me, it’s also about a moment in time, captured for eternity (or as long as the internet lasts…) and it tells a story…perhaps gives a snapshot of only a moment, or of a whole new life…

For as long as Molly’s Daily Kiss has run the Sinful Sunday meme, I’ve been posting to it…not every week, but more often than not. You can see many of those images over on Kink & Poly – Sinful Sunday. I’ll eventually create a list here of the specific posts with links to them, but for now, if you’re interested, you can explore the category over there.

Today’s Sinful Sunday is – as is so much in this new space – a new beginning. My first Sinful Sunday since…everything changed. And how things have changed!

Yep that’s me, curled up on V’s couch, in Hello Kitty jammies (and red & white striped socks that you can’t see), with his daughter curled up across from me watching her iPad and him in the kitchen making eggs. His wife is at the gym.

These are my Sunday mornings now, since I usually spend Saturday nights at V’s, and Sunday mornings are family time. I haven’t been part of a family – with a small child – in a long time.

So there, you asked for more information on V…that’s it for now. This one snapshot into a moment of my life with him.*



* Turns out my Sunday did get a lot more Sinful…an unexpected (and unusual for us) sexytime shower…perhaps a description of that later, as we didn’t get any pictures. ;-)


  1. Molly

    Everything about this makes me smile. You look utterly adorable and the words are filled with gentle calm. I love that you are back blogging and I double love that includes Sinful Sunday!



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