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I actually felt a little tingle of desire today. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve thought, “I want cock.” Even when I have talked and teased and played with Viper, it’s mostly Baldy (or some other vibe) that’s got me there – I haven’t been filled with lustful thoughts or urges before that. Covid has somehow stolen my sex from me. This afternoon, listening with half an ear to a silly rom com audio book, I heard the narrator tell her friend, who has been moping about a bad breakup, that she just needs to have a fling, find “someone strong to grip your hands over your head and just pound into you.” Apparently my body was listening closer than my brain, because my pussy actually twitched. I had to pause the book and go back 30 seconds to listen again. Yup, there it was, that twitch. It’s beenRead more …

Stay at Home Orders: Day … Who Knows?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve sat here thinking about writing. I’ve thought about writing a lot – I just haven’t actually sat myself down here to do it. I haven’t opened my laptop in weeks, to be honest. Guilt, anxiety, depression, illness? Who knows why not. There are a lot of reasons. I’ve thought about writing about what living in this new reality is like – but so often I am overwhelmed by sadness and grief and a kind of stunned disbelief that I simply subside into tears or numb myself with alcohol or stupid TV or a book. Anything to stop thinking about it. To stop asking, over and over, “When will it be over? How will it end? What will life be like when it’s not like this anymore?”  I spent a good couple weeks deeply depressed. Crying daily, having to resort to anxiety meds throughout the dayRead more …

14 Days of Isolation – Day 1

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I’m not in isolation…well, I am, sort of, but not in quarantine. Just doing the “right thing” to try and keep this thing from becoming more of a thing…civil liberties versus the common good, anyone? The Canadian (and my daughter), however are in serious isolation. I walked with her today, as she’s about 10 days out with no outward symptoms, and we kept a good distance apart, but even that I worried about. But still, it was needed. I have been walking daily to keep my sanity and this is her first time outside her house since she got back from Europe, and I think she was desperate for face-to-face interaction and some movement. It all feels surreal and… well, surreal. Like I said, it hasn’t hit here yet – at least we haven’t seen many confirmed cases – but of course that means nothing. If you don’t test, youRead more …

Jade in the Time of Covid-19

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Hey ho! Jade’s still here. Trying to keep all my pieces together, which seems a lot easier some times than others, but I’m hanging in there. It’s a strange new world, for sure. The pandemic is a thing. It’s affected a lot of the people in my circle. Some of us only in ways that inconvenience us, for others it is causing a great deal of financial uncertainty and anxieties. There’s a lot of fear about how this is all going to turn out. In my small corner, the daughter concluded her trip to Europe safely and got back into the states with a minimum of fuss. She’s on a 14-day self-quarantine, though, before she can be back in society and before they will let her back to work. (I’ve just heard that she’ll be working from home when she does, though. Thank goodness that she can do so.) TheRead more …

February 22 Make-Up – Accidentally Naughty

Today you’re going to get several posts to finish up the 2020 February Photofest. Yes, I missed 3 days outright. I made up one, the 22nd, in my 22nd and 23rd post, but V’s rules about it were that it had to be made up in a separate post, or I still acquired a demerit-accruing consequence, so that means that I have to make up a post for that (today’s), plus post for yesterday’s miss (which will come next) and then I have today’s post after that. Then the Photofest is done, and I can go back to my normally sporadic posting! Ha. So here is the image that I should have posted. I finally (FINALLY!) opened my last box after the move. This box had been sitting in a corner gathering dust (literally.) It said, “glass and pictures” on the outside, and since I haven’t figured out a way toRead more …

February 26 – Nice at Home

I have no idea why I like this picture. I literally took it, like, an hour ago, to send to V. Just me, hanging out in my comfy clothes, enjoying a night at home making dinner, talking with Ad, playing with the puppy and doing chores. See images from years past here. Check out the rest of the participating bloggers in this year’s February Photofest by kissing the lips below!

February 25 – Nipple Naughtiness

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I was actually doing something perfectly ordinary and nice – dressing down for a movie and couch snuggles with Adam and the dog. Nipples always naughty things up though, don’t they?    See images from years past here. Check out the rest of the participating bloggers in this year’s February Photofest by kissing the lips below!